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Cohnstro; Because Three's Not A Crowd

Awesome Threesome

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Anything and everything relating to Michael Johns, David Cook, and Jason Castro
Got a thing for Cookstro? How about the flyboys? Mistro, maybe?
Who just thinks it's time for an all-out threesome?

Welcome to the first community for the wonderful threesome that is David Cook, Michael Johns, and Jason Castro. Please join, and help spread the love.

Be nice!
Please put appropriate ratings on all fanfiction (and graphics, when necessary)
Please restrain from using n00b sp34k
Lj cuts are good things. :]
Please be respectful of other people's opinions
Don't start any drama, please
Be respectful of other contestants
No flamming
Tagging your entries is much loved, and appreciated. :]

Cohnstro Chatter - All Cohnstro, All The Time

Contest Winners

Writing Contest Number 1
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Comment here. :)

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